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Do everyone remember the parties these fellas use to throw? They would throw some wild parties.
Last Post: Aug 19th 2008
Author: netra94
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The Alpha Party in the armory after the first NSU-Southern game
I woke up the next day with a sprained wrist,$200 in my pocket, and a unfamiliar chick in my bed. Hell of a party!
Last Post: Aug 16th 2008
Author: mdotcarter
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The Blue Room
How about those parties on Thursday nights at The Blue Room next door to Ben Johnson Auditorium!!
Last Post: Aug 10th 2008
Author: ngray
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True Friends In The Craziest Times
Alicia Cousins-Torres, Regina Shaw, Peggy Lewis...I could have gone to jail!!! Thank God for maturity.
Last Post: Jul 28th 2008
Author: krharris70
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The fire on 4 South
Remember when SOMEONE sprayed the fire extinguisher in Sabine dorm on 4 South. I wonder who that was, some say it was a certain Omega and some say it was Chad. But I do remember a certain football...
Last Post: Jul 27th 2008
Author: deshacece
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Get a Qwat and Walk...
Me, Tata, Carron, Paul Cooper, Chad, Russell, JJ, and Hardy used to sneak out of the athletic dorm at night and go to the liquor store to by a cheap quart of malt liquor...we'd walk around...
Last Post: Jun 7th 2008
Author: BB
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